Partials & Dentures

Here at our dentist’s office in Charlotte, we offer partial and full dentures to suit your oral needs. There are a few options to consider when it comes to getting dentures. Partial and full dentures are the procedures we offer at our practice. It may be clear what the best choice for some individuals is, but it can be difficult for others. Dr. Delgado and our team are here to help you with this decision. But first, let’s understand the differences between partial and full dentures.

Full Dentures at Premium Dental

If you have very few salvageable teeth, full dentures may be the best option for you. Individuals with severe and chronic tooth problems should consider this type of denture. It will help to fill out your face, as it can begin to look sunken when teeth are missing. Full dentures at Premium Dental will provide you with a youthful and healthy appearance that will make you feel good about yourself, inside and out. Additionally, full dentures can improve your eating habits as you will eat a variety of foods with ease.

Partial Dentures at Premium Dental

Partial dentures are for you if you hope to replace a singular tooth or a few teeth. Partial dentures at Premium Dental help repair your smile aesthetic by filling in any present gaps that you may have. These partial dentures will aid in protecting the health of your other teeth, as well. They will prevent your other teeth from becoming weak or misaligned to any shifting that may have been occurring prior before your dentures.

Partials and Full Dentures in Charlotte, NC

Here at Premium Dental, Dr. Delgado and our team are committed to improving your smile. Dentures can improve your confidence, and smile and allow you to eat food you could not enjoy before dentures. Contact Dr. Delgado to schedule your consultation today! During your initial consultation, Dr. Delgado will look further into your oral health to determine what type of dentures will suit your needs! We are happy to help you and your smile journey.

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