Sealants at Premium Dental Solutions

Sealants are a coating that is attached to teeth. The sealants are made from plastic to prevent the decay of your teeth. These sealants are generally placed on the teeth at the back, known as the premolars and molars. The purpose of sealants is to prevent tooth decay. At Premium Dental, we provide a sealant treatment where the liquid is painted onto the surface of the teeth, where it can then become “cured” with the help of white light. In doing so, this results in a bonded layer of sealant over each tooth’s enamel.

Should I Get Sealants?

How do you know if you are a good candidate for sealants? Since it is likely to develop decay in grooves of molars and premolars, both teenagers and children are good candidates for sealants. Adults can still benefit from this procedure. As soon as permanent premolars and molars start to come in, you should consider getting sealants. Sealants will protect the teeth through ages six to fourteen when cavities are highly prevalent.

Benefits of Sealants

Dr. Delgado and our team is thrilled to offer this service that comes with an extensive list of benefits. Brushing and flossing are beneficial for getting rid of plaque and other particles, but sealants provide an additional shield against plaque and other foods. Other benefits may include:

  • Pain-free process
  • Long-lasting (approximately ten years)
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Additional protection to other oral care procedures

Prevent Tooth Decay

Below are some suggestions to decrease tooth decay and maintain healthy oral health:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Ensure you are eating a balanced diet
  • Ensure you are visiting your dental office in Charlotte regularly
  • Ensure you are flossing or using another interdental cleaner daily

Sealants in Charlotte, NC

At Premium Dental, Dr. Delgado and our team can provide you with the additional coverage you need to maintain positive oral health. Contact us today to learn more about sealants and if they may be right for you! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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